Shifting Mindsets: The Choice is Up to YOU!

What do you get with “YEH.. BUT”?

A FIXED mindset

…and sense you have some CONTROL (an illusion) in order to protect YOUR IMPORTANT PERSPECTIVE for the sake of LOOKING GOOD and PLAYING IT SAFE to maintain CONTROL (an illusion)….

Unless you’re on a mega roller coaster, HOLDING TIGHT is not usually all that productive.  The more you try to hold on, the more INFLEXIBLE you may become, which could lead to the perception that your perspective is actually RIGID and way too predictable if not limited and LIMITING.

Bottom line, “YEH…BUT” is a FEAR-based perspective which leads to “more of the same” (aka THE STATUS QUO).


An OPEN or GROWTH mindset

…a place of TRUST where DISCOVERY is a core value and we find ourselves asking each other to “Say more about that…” especially in situations where we may totally disagree.  Because of our “YES…AND!” mindset we are natural collaborators who believe there is strength our connection and that together we truly are better!

CREATIVITY abounds as we find it EASY to LET GO and to CHALLENGE each other for the sake of achieving our COLLECTIVE VISION.  Our FLEXIBILITY allows us to create an INCLUSIVE context for working, learning and growing together where everyone feels VALUED and able to CONTRIBUTE their gifts and talents.

NO FEAR is our motto because we have learned to TRUST ourselves and each other as we COLLABORATE  for the greater good.  Bottom line…we are all HAPPIER and way more productive!

The choice is up to you:  “YEH…BUT” or “YES…AND!” – What will it be?

by Jackie Levin


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