Think of a time you said “NO” and did not take action to try something new because you were afraid.  “Afraid I’ll fail.  Afraid I’ll look silly.  or Afraid of the unknown” may have been some of the reasons that allowed you to talk yourself out of it.  Knowing you’re not alone (everyone has a “fright-flight“ experience!), think about what might have been different if you stepped over your fear into the YES!  As author Paulo Coelho said “The magic moment is when a “YES” or “NO” can change the whole of our existence.”

If we consider FEAR as “False Expectations Appearing Real” it may be easier to let go of what we THINK may be high risk and/or inevitable in terms of failure, embarrassment et al to experience the magic moment where innovation IS possible.

So for the sake of “keeping innovation alive,” know that the REAL FEAR is NOT meeting a challenge, taking a risk, or taking action and that NOW may be the perfect time to say YES!

by Natasha Tong


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