It’s About Time

Five Simple Time-Making Strategies



When you’re feeling the proverbial stress of time (e.g. not enough!) and the negative consequences to your mental, emotional and physical well being, consider these strategies to build time adaptability and resiliency:

  1. Question if it is truly the RIGHT TIME…recognizing it may not be!  One saying “There’s your plan and the universe’s plan suggests that sometimes we are part of a much bigger story that is in the process of unfolding and if so, our challenge/opportunity is to let go for the moment and trust the higher powers that be.
  2. BE IN THE MOMENT.  Being in the moment means letting go of the past and the future…even if for just a moment…to experience the peace, freedom and timelessness that is available to you at any time.  Try it now, but before you do, take off your watch and hide your cell phone.
  3. Question your ASSUMPTIONS about how much time your task at hand will actually take.  Once you decide how much time you need, challenge yourself to do it in half or a quarter of the time.  Challenging your assumptions will probably get your creative juices flowing to find a more efficient (and possibly more effective!) path to your goal.
  4. RIGHT TIMING is another perspective to explore (which is different than right time).  Sometimes there is the perfect confluence of people and events that allows for the maximum potential of all the separate elements.  Perhaps in your situation this is true, so postponing your task and delaying gratification may be the way to go.
  5. PRIORITIZING, especially when your to do list seems daunting is one more way to buy more time.  After you delegate tasks to others and push out deadlines that can wait (see number 1 and 4) focus only on the top two or three priorities at a time.  Over time, this practice will expand your sense of time.

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