Transform Your Meetings for Maximum Productivity!

“We have too many meetings!”Ineffective_Meetings

“Our meetings are a waste of time.”

“Why do we meet at all?”

Sound familiar? In less than an hour you can learn about innovative ways to maximize impact and productivity in your meetings by transforming the way people show up and engage each other.

We at Mindful Innovation want to share with you a complementary overview of our Designing Effective Meetings: 10 Essential ElementsSM model. This self-directed PowerPoint overview reflects the integration of our work over the past three years and introduces the next phase on our Guiding Innovation Journey. This no cost offer reflects our belief in the power and potential of our Designing Effective Meetings model and our desire to have as many people as possible experience these practices.

Our goal is to make it easy for you to know what to do BEFORE, DURING and AFTER your meetings to improve meeting efficiency and effectiveness.

In three self-directed PowerPoint presentations (less than 20 minutes each) we’ll provide you with tools you can use immediately. You will receive:

  • Module 1: LEARN. Discover the Ten Essential Elements  of an effective meeting
  • Module 2: PRACTICE. Understand how to apply the Ten Essential Elements to any meeting
  • Module 3: DESIGN. Experience how using the Ten Essential Elements work together as you design a meeting of your choice

To receive Module 1: LEARN, register below.




At the end of each Module you will receive a link to the next one in the series. Again there is no fee for participating in this professional development opportunity.

We appreciate your interest in this important topic and look forward to supporting your “better meeting” discovery process.


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