Design the Meeting Everyone is Eager to Attend – Insights to Element 2: CARE

January 7, 2014

Effective meeting design is a multilayered approach. Leading a great meeting requires planning and intentionality – true. Just showing up with an agenda in hand is a step in the right direction, but ultimately may not insure full engagement and maximum team performance.

Smart meeting designers understand the importance of balancing task and relationship, which includes taking time to focus on what really matters to the human beings who will be attending. Design meetings that work for everyone by   showing what matters through CARE strategies.

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From our Designing Effective Meetings: 10 Essential ElementsSM program you will learn and experience ten vital elements fundamental to designing effective meetings.

From Element 2: CAREphotos for blog

The focus of the second element creates a connection that inspires and moves your team into responsible action for greater success.

The essence of CARE is to get connected to what matters for full participation.

Ask yourself these critical questions:

  1. What is important to you about this meeting/event?
  2. What is the potential positive impact for those who may be attending?
  3. How will we create a welcoming environment that invites everyone to engage?

Margaret Wheatley management consultant and thought leader in organizational development says, “People act responsibly when they care.” People on our teams are motivated when we take the time to nurture a sense of caring and create a caring place to meet. When members authentically care about the meeting or event they show up with an open mind,