Designing Effective Meetings: 10 Essential Elements

When it comes to meetings, change is a must!

  • Meetings are the typical environment for working together with 61 meetings per month for most professionals.1
  • Research indicates that over 50 percent of this meeting time is wasted. Assuming each of these meetings is one hour long, professionals lose 31 hours per month in unproductive meetings, or approximately four work days. 2
  • Most professionals who meet on a regular basis admit to daydreaming (91%), missing meetings (96%) or missing parts of meetings (95%).1
  • A large percentage (73%) say they have brought other work to meetings and 39% say they have dozed during meetings.1

Whether you are a business team leader, project manager, an informal leader of a peer team, or a department manager, you (and others) are probably frustrated with ineffective meetings that waste time and resources. And yet, when meetings are done well, they can be powerfully effective. So, the compelling question is:

“How can we have more effective meetings?”

One answer is to learn about and practice Designing Effective Meetings: 10 Essential Elements℠ (DEM). DEM is a highly accessible business and team-enhancement methodology that integrates science and mindfulness to achieve the desired balance of task and relationship allowing team leaders to deliver effective meetings and navigate a range of challenging situations, resulting in improved clarity, communication, and collaboration for greater team success.

We’ve made it EASY!

We know how difficult it can be to take time away from your busy schedules to attend professional development sessions, so we are making it easy to engage in the Designing Effective Meetings content through a complimentary overview delivered via three short power point presentations (less than 20 minutes each). Our goal is to make it easy for you to know what to do BEFORE, DURING and AFTER your meetings to maximize their benefit.

You will receive:

  • Module 1: LEARN. Discover the Ten Essential Elements of an effective meeting
  • Module 2: PRACTICE. Understand how the Ten Essential Elements are applicable to any meeting
  • Module 3: DESIGN. Experience how using the Ten Essential Elements will support you as you design a meeting of your choice


Register to receive the complimentary modules.

I would recommend this program to anyone struggling with ineffective meetings. The material will get you to think about the various elements in new and creative ways!

-Joanna Koski, Project Manager Consultant, Three Bridge Solutions

1. A network MCI Conferencing White Paper, Meetings in America: A study of trends, costs and attitudes toward business travel, teleconferencing, and their impact on productivity (Greenwich, CT: INFOCOMM, 1998

2. Robert B. Nelson and Peter Economy, Better Business Meetings (Burr Ridge, IL: Irwin Inc, 1995)



A network MCI Conferencing White Paper. Meetings in America: A study of trends, costs and attitudes toward business travel, teleconferencing, and their impact on productivity (Greenwich, CT: INFOCOMM, 1998).


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