YES I CAN! YES I AM! for CAREER TRANSITION is a GUIDED SELF DISCOVERY PROGRAM designed  to help participants answer three compelling life questions with confidence:

  • Who am I?  (Your IDENTITY…including strengths, gifts, talents, passions and your essence/essential nature.)
  • What do I want? (Your IMPACT…the answer to “What have you most tried to correct or fix in the world?” – or would you want to – and what is/would be most meaningful?”)
  • Why am I here? (Your DESTINY… or specific life purpose, including possible careers/jobs  and relates to “What’s most needed in the world where you can serve and/or share your essence?”)

IDEAL if you:

  • Have a general major (e.g. English, History) and not sure how you can/want to apply it as a career.
  • Have a specific major and are not sure about the realm of possible career options.
  • Want to go on to graduate school and not sure in what areas.
  • Lack confidence in “showing up” because you need a stronger connection to “Who you are.”


The 18 week program is delivered on the phone during a series of six one-hour calls, where a pair of matched PEER ALLYS support each other during and after each session.

Throughout the five phases, participants get guidance via tools, strategies and additional print resources, including a 50 + page GUIDED JOURNAL to support an engaged discovery process.

 Phase  Week  Focus


  1 & 2   Remember Who You Are


  3   Visualize a Positive Future


  4 & 5   Explore Barriers & Open to New Possibilities


  6   Create a Personal Action Plan


  18   Follow Up  & Check In


Full Program includes:

  • Initial discovery session
  • Ally match
  • Six one-hour guided sessions (on the phone)
  • One Follow Up session (on the phone)
  • 50+ page GUIDED JOURNAL
  • Unlimited e-mail support

 $449.00 (plus $50.00 registration fee)

 Terms and conditions: The $50.00 registration fee is non-refundable.
The registration fee will be waived if full payment of $449.00 is made prior to the start of the first program session.  Participants will be billed monthly. If it is necessary to discontinue the program, the program investment will be pro-rated.


Contact Jackie Levin at to schedule a FREE 30-minute orientation session.

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Here’s what YES I CAN! YES I AM! For Career Transition participants have to say about the program:

I am happy now that I AM ME!…

energetic, positive, confident, present and aware as I listen deeply and advocate to create change because others now feel secure and believe in themselves.   –Samantha

I am happy now that I AM ME!….

future social worker, creative, open/accepting, trusted and safe as I facilitate growth and inspire others to unlock their potential because my community now sees a brighter  future.   –Michel


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