IN-visioning the Future

With a focus on clarifying values, vision and mission, and exploring what it really means to be part of a progressive team, this offering is co-designed by Mindful Innovation consultants and your organization’s professional development team/leaders.  The following IMPACT and OUTCOMES have been identified by past clients:


  • Feel your personal “call” to leadership.
  • Feel connected to and part of an integrated leadership team.
  • Feel committed to empowering other team members.
  • Feel excited about the (organization) vision, values and future potential.
  • Feel committed to being part of a progressive team.
  • Feel confident we can capitalize on opportunities and overcome challenges.
  • Feel empowered to identify real problems/requirements and be part of the solution.


  • Understand what it means to be a leader in this organization / team.
  • Understand and practice strategies for creating safe space.
  • Identify and clear assumptions and/or barriers that get in the way of reaching our goals.
  • Practice the Designed Alliance Process.
  • Understand our roles and responsibilities as champions of the larger staff training event.
  • Understand and experience the (organization) vision and values.
  • Know our individual and collective strengths.
  • Develop specific strategies and tactics for each value.
  • Identify and begin to clear barriers that get in the way of reaching our goals.
  • Practice engaged listening.
  • Strengthen capacity for flexibility, perspectives taking, acknowledgement, trust, and self reliance.

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