YES I CAN! YES I AM! for MID-LIFE TRANSITION is a GUIDED SELF DISCOVERY PROGRAM designed  to help participants answer three compelling life questions with confidence:

  • Who am I?  (Your IDENTITY…including strengths, gifts, talents, passions and your essence/essential nature.)
  • What do I want? (Your IMPACT…the answer to “What have you most tried to correct or fix in the world?” – or would you want to – and what is/would be most meaningful?”)
  • Why am I here? (Your DESTINY… or specific life purpose, including possible careers/jobs  and relates to “What’s most needed in the world where you can serve and/or share your essence?”)

IDEAL for adults in mid-life transition who:

  • Are seeking greater meaning in life and work.
  • Are not sure how they can/want to apply their career and life experience during the next phase of their lives.
  • Lack confidence in “showing up” because they need a stronger connection to “Who they are.”


  • Learn and practice strategies for turning insight into powerful questions that guide a deep process for self discovery.
  • Answer the three COMPELLING QUESTIONS (Who am I?  What do I want? Why am I here?) with confidence.
  • Develop a Personal Action Plan for pursuing personal meaning and/or meaningful work.


  • Feel grounded and connected to “Who you are” (your essence) and “Why you’re here” (the impact you wish to have in your community/world).
  • Feel energized and confident about engaging in self discovery activity to sustain momentum toward desired mid-life transition goals.
  • Feel connected to and supported within a community of practice.


The 12-week program is delivered via teleconference to small groups of six participants (three Peer / Ally pairs).  Program content is delivered during six one-hour group sessions, with Peer / Ally check-ins on alternate weeks.  The basic structure includes four phases where participants receive guidance via tools, strategies, and links to additional print and video resources including a 50 + page GUIDED JOURNAL to support an engaged discovery process.



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