Passion to Action™ Program

An individual leadership development program for administrators who are ready to explore the compelling question: “In the midst of ever changing, complex and challenging circumstances, how can I model exemplary leadership that inspires staff in my organization to do the same in service of key stakeholders?”

The focus of the Passion to Action Program is to identify and align with core passion, your natural and unlimited source of inspiration and motivation.  Core passion along with talents and values, is fundamental to realizing core potential and core capacity.  In turn, core potential and core capacity is fundamental to optimizing creativity, quality collaboration, leadership and any human process that creates and sustains results.

Key Outcomes

The application of core passion will help you navigate the day to day challenges and opportunities for building and maintaining:

  • Confidence:  understanding what you can rely on yourself for under any circumstance
  • Clarity:  finding it easy to make decisions that align with what matters
  • Balance:  setting priorities and making choices
  • Commitment:  being able to stand strong behind your gifts and talents
  • Inspiration and motivation:  fueling creativity and possibilities that bring energy and a sense of fulfillment to work

Program Components

The 16-hour program involves four phases that occur over a three to four month time frame. Implemented during a series of in-person and/or phone conversations, the Passion to Action program is convenient and accessible.  Note:  A professional learning community/group coaching format is also available.

Phase 1: Preparation

Phase 2: Integration Session

Phase 3: Practical Application

Phase 4:  Individual Coaching for Sustainability


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