Project M

See the summer of 2009 program at Obama Service Learning Elementary in St. Paul, MN Video

Project M is a personal assets and interpersonal skills-building program, which incorporates a cumulative, experiential and progressive curriculum that is strengths-based and culturally responsive.  The intent of Project M is to help urban and suburban youth, elementary through high school age, develop positive self identity, build expressive competence and confidence, and support a sense of purpose and direction they need to more fully engage in life. 

Project M is a year-long framework including the DreamScape Experience, a six part curriculum which guides participants through a multi-sensory, holistic and engaging approach as they answer the Six Questions of Project M:

  1. Who am I?
  2. What do I love?
  3. What am I good at?
  4. What does my community love and appreciate about me?
  5. What does my community need?
  6. How will I help?

The DreamScape Experience is rich in cultural tradition combining writing, drawing, music, movement, drumming and expressive arts as it inspires participants to learn and practice nine empowerment skills.

Key Student Outcomes

  • Have confidence in self and dreams
  • Motivated to achieve bigger goals that matter
  • Creates a DreamScape and implements personal action plan
  • Experiences personal and community success

Key Core Team Outcomes

  • Develop relationships with students
  • Show confidence in student success
  • Facilitate success of Project M

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