Resource Mapping

GET CONNECTED:  Resource Map Your Way to Success!

We believe that success in work (and life) requires skill and capacity in the “Three C’s for Success”:  CLARITY, COMMITMENT and CONNECTION.  Clear goals motivate stronger commitment, and strong commitment fuels full engagement and optimum performance.

Within the CONNECTION domain, we also know that the probability for success in achieving specified goals is directly related to three factors:

  • The number and strength of relationships in four resource domains (family, peers, academic/professional and organization/community)
  • The degree to which individual resources within each domain value and promote the specified goal.
  • The ability to design an alliance with key people to establish commitment and support to achieve the specified goal.

RESOURCE MAPPING™ is an interactive tool that combines social mapping with traditional networking.  This accessible resource promotes CONNECTION by strengthening essential relationships to establish a sustainable resource network of the “right resources” including clear goal definition and  support to design alliances with key people. The RESOURCE MAPPING process may be a benefit for everyone, including all levels of managers and employees.


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