The Effective Collaborator

Effective Collaborators =

An Effective Team =

Collective Leadership =

Student Success + value, impact and sustainability for the organization.

A-live experiential program which incorporates the Fundamentals of Collaboration™ model, a co-active, multiple-intelligence framework and methodology that engages Individual and Collective Leadership with Mindful Innovation Strategies.

Fundamentals of Collaboration is a unique process model designed to help educational and other leadership teams practice and develop the intra and interpersonal relationship-building assets that are essential to a quality collaborative experience.  The model is an integration of win-win group process along with co-active coaching and leadership strategies derived from the author’s thirty plus year experience in special education and business.  The model includes six BE and six DO collaborative competencies, that when practiced and integrated into the fabric of a professional community, create breakthrough results for all stakeholders.

Key Outcomes

  • Build and sustain individual and team collaborative competence.
  • Increase inspiration and motivation: fuels creativity and possibilities, bringing energy and a sense of fulfillment to work.
  • Improve quality instruction and alignment with industry best practice:  creates a context for learning and growing student achievement.
  • Increase productivity and accountability:  focuses work and time to achieve and measure results.
  • Increase job satisfaction:  impacts morale and full expression of individual/team passion, gifts and talents.

Program Components

  • Individual and team assessment
  • Customized training design
  • Collaboration Simulation
  • Outcomes Evaluation
  • Celebrate Success!

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