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There is one thing that is common to every individual, relationship, team, family, organization, nation, economy, and civilization throughout the world—one thing which, if removed, will destroy the most powerful government, the most successful business, the most thriving economy, the most influential leadership, the greatest friendship, the strongest character, the deepest love.

On the other hand, if developed and leveraged, that one thing has the potential to create unparalleled success and prosperity in every dimension of life.  Yet, it is the least understood, most neglected, and most underestimated possibility of our time.

That one thing is trust.

–Stephen M.R. Covey from The Speed of Trust

Do you ever…

  • Find it challenging to stay focused and connected?
  • Experience difficulty dealing with creativity blocks, full engagement and progressive movement toward your goals?
  • Find it confusing to understand where people are coming from?
  • Justify what’s not working based on other people’s actions and/or factors beyond your control?

If these questions seem relevant to you, your team or your organization, you may want to learn more about TRUST-ology, a framework and practices designed to strengthen and deepen SELF TRUST as a foundation for creative connection and more effective engagement with others.

Trust is so essential to effective action. I love how you have designed a potent model that addresses this key understanding.

Jim Roussin, Executive Director of Generative Learning


Self TRUST for Decisive Action

Working together during complex and difficult times will challenge even the most experienced leaders and teams.  What leaders in many successful organizations have come to realize is “A strong I makes a strong WE and leadership starts with ME,” making personal development for everyone a high priority.

Also, many professional development offerings that outline the skills necessary for success in today’s world emphasize the importance of self-efficacy or believing that what we’re doing is making a difference.  Efficacy implies that everyone is a leader and as leaders we need to be able to trust ourselves and trust others as we learn and work together to achieve sustainable results.  To sustain results, we need to feel competent and know what we’re doing is working, which is where TRUST -ology comes into play.

The focus of TRUST -ology is on SELF TRUST and helping people move toward their desired outcomes by recognizing and being ready for “defining moments” which happen in the tension between KNOWING and DOING (the Know-Do Gap) and are typical in the complex and “messy” systems in which many of us work.


Participants who experience TRUST –ology are better able to

  • Recognize “defining moments”
  • Maximize decisive action
  • Effectively navigate change
  • Achieve a relaxed alert state; the most optimal state for focused learning and performance
  • Develop competence by closing the KNOW-DO Gap
  • Bridge the relationship divide
  • Impact the difference you want to make in collaboration with others
  • Identify, break down and reframe the limiting beliefs and barriers that impact optimum engagement.
  • Trust themselves regardless of the circumstances
  • Move toward desired outcomes with greater confidence and commitment

TRUST -ology has helped in my own sense of self-trust and creating a calm mindful moment in order to encounter something that could be perceived as challenging.  

Jessica Mills, Supervisor, Minnesota Life Insurance Co.

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