The 5s

Taking Care of Yourself Inside and Out – Nourishing Your Mind, Body and Heart

by Kathy Flaminio, 1000 Petals, LLC.

Following are some succinct tips to assist you when under fire:
Here is a very simple five-step process to feel energized and vibrant throughout the day and begin to slow and stop the chain reaction of stress in the body.

1. STOP- The first thing you need to do when you are feeling overwhelmed or stressed is literally, stop.
Stop everything you are doing and get connected by placing your feet on the floor or sit in you chair and lengthen your spine. Slow your breathing. When you take deep breaths you activate the relaxation response.
Consider using the Mindfulness Bell on your computer:

2. SIGH- sighing is the body’s natural way of releasing stress. Take a nice deep breath in, exhale a vocal ahhh

3. STRETCH– Everyday move your spine in six directions:
Front/Back (arms up over head and forward fold the body)
Side to Side (lift arms over head and move the torso laterally)
Twisting (seated or supine twist)

4. SHAKE– shaking is another way of dissipating stress in the body. Start standing and gently start to shake your arms, your legs, your hands etc.

5. SMILE– smile at five people each day (especially the ones who are challenging.) Smiling triggers scientifically measureable activity in the left frontal cortex, the area of the brain where happiness is registered. If you want to release more stress add laughter. Laughter lowers blood pressure, increases your attentiveness and energy levels.

Most importantly when you leave your office pause and breathe. As you close the door take a deep breath and let yourself leave your work at the office. Intentionally create the transition for going home. Find yourself in the present moment. When driving home if you are at a red light let it be a reminder to breathe and pause. Trust you did your best today.
“Sometimes the most powerful practices that bring about the most beneficial changers in our lives are the most simple”.


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